• Image of Tunic
  • Image of Tunic
  • Image of Tunic
  • Image of Tunic
  • Image of Tunic

100% raw silk tunic top.
Raw silk has a nubby texture to it and is durable and comfortable.
The patterns on the tunic are created by natural and botanical dyes. The natural dyeing process means that each piece is different, creating a one of a kind, sustainable, eco-friendly piece of wearable art.
Choose your color option by selecting the option and photo letter preference.

Care: Hand wash cold with mild detergent. Lay flat or air dry.

Photo A: eucalyptus oak and maple
Photo B: oak, wild grape, sumac
Photo C: catalpa, peony
Photo D: eucalyptus

Size Chart: One size

Fits up to: size XL, 45 in chest, 52 in hips, 40 in waist.
Shirt will be loose fitting on smaller frames.
Sleeve opening is 15 in.